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Yorkie Puppy Purses

Yorkie Puppy Purses
It can accommodate regular sized Yorkies Dog Purses?

I am purchasing a Yorkie normal size at this moment he is a puppy and can certainly suitable one, but what about when he is older even when I bring it to my grandmothers thats the only reason I would put in a bag as a shelter because are cheaper and his very big dog, a bag / kennel but I do not want to grow out of it and wasting money because I could only buy him a kennel instead YA DIG?

YOU probably will:) HATERS DO NOT LISTEN TO THOSE! I put my shih tzu's in my bag as well. She loves him in there. Most of the time, playing just behind then sleeps in it. Sometimes, it's hard for me to let her out because she loves him so much in there! I do not blame you for wanting to be your toy breed in a bag. I take care my puppy and if she wants to be in a bag, rather than being left alone at home when I'm gone, then put her there! Have fun! : D PS: Juicy Couture makes the cutest dog bags! : D

Teacup Yorkie Puppy Purse Art Print by Chad Barrett
Teacup Yorkie Puppy Purse Art Print by Chad Barrett
Paypal   US $5.99
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